lesson plans

Below are lesson plans I co-created and co-taught at James Denman Middle School for Pin@y Educational Partnerships in the 2020-2021 school year alongside Saira Singh, Jon Ray Guevarra, Sophia Diaz-Muca, Paolo Banzon, Huong Cao, Kenny Malunay, and Mae Marzan.

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battle of mactan

Students explore the reasons behind violent conflict, study the Battle of Mactan, and work in groups to analyze primary and secondary sources.

what is colonialism?

Students define colonialism. Together, we explore the different narratives surrounding colonialism before introducing our class framework on colonialism.

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Students define liberty and are challenged to think critically about who controls & who is left out from definitions of liberty.


Students explore different understandings of love, from Indigenous Filipino ideals to social justice-oriented definitions.

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american dream or
american nightmare?

Students unpack the American Dream, question its validity, and explore counter-narratives.